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Understanding where an organisation is positioned on its diversity and inclusion journey, and that of its competitors, is achieved through auditing and benchmarking.

Information about an organisation, its competitors, and other enterprises is key to understanding areas of change and what an organisation does well when developing a D&I programme. This is achieved through internal assessment of current activities aligned to D&I together with employee investigations, use of employee opinion surveys and other information available. The deeper the dive the more information is available to facilitate understanding and make appropriate changes.

In addition to organisational assessments 3In Consulting can also provide Benchmarking activities for best practice with industry studies e.g. Stonewall, ENEI etc. This can help an organisation to understand where its own activities lie compared to competitors in its industry / sector or from a wider national / international basis.

Once the status is understood, through assessments and benchmarking, it is possible to source best practice ideas to help an organisation develop their products and services. Benchmarking an organisations performance against others provides valuable information to highlight what is being undertaken favourably and areas for improvement. However, as others will continue to improve it is important to benchmark regularly as well as continue improvement initiatives.

Our Other Services

Assessment and Evaluation Icon

Assessment and Evaluation

This important activity involves a review to assess the status of the organisation on its diversity and inclusion ongoing journey.

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Strategic Planning Icon

Strategic Planning

Review existing strategies or facilitate new diversity strategies. Design & develop initiatives to engage with employees.

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Change Management Icon

Change Management

Delivery and implementation of the programme of initiatives using standard project management techniques and appropriate governance for the organisation.

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Typically, these will be projects where the client requires specialised expertise and skills that are not available in-house or to supplement existing resources.

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Auditing and benchmarking icon

Auditing and benchmarking

Supporting organisations through an assessment of current activities aligned to D&I together with employee investigations, use of employee opinion surveys and other information available.

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Mentoring Coaching and Training Icon

Mentoring, coaching and training

These engagements are requested to fulfil identified demands where an organisation needs support for individuals / groups and are tailored specifically for the client.

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Seminars Icon


A useful place to meet other organisations on the D&I journey and to share best practice.

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Additional Services icon

Additional services

3In Consulting can provide a number of supporting services tailored to suit the client needs including Talent Management, Stakeholder Management, establishing sponsor engagements and affinity/network groups.

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