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3In Consulting provides tailored services and solutions working collaboratively with your organisation

Our services depend on where your organisation is in its diversity and inclusion journey. You may just be starting on the road to inclusion and we can help you develop your strategy following a detailed assessment of your existing situation. Alternatively, you may be at the stage of recognising more work is required and need help in refining your strategy and developing a programme of initiatives that will enable you to achieve your goals. In some cases, you might have a very specific engagement that requires a dedicated consultant to deliver in a fixed timescale.

If you are already on the journey you may benefit from a concise engagement starting with an evaluation and report on your current capability, identify any issues and recommendations for new opportunities. We are also available to undertake tailored projects focusing on specific activities where you require delivery to a definitive timescale or to supplement your existing resources.

Wherever your organisation lies on this continuum 3In Consulting can help you. Our main goal is it ensure quality outcomes are achieved and embedded that meets with our client's approval, align to the organisational strategy, and are sustainable in the long-term.

3In Consulting can provide services and consultancy locally, across the UK or internationally with the option to work at an organisations site or remotely. An important principle of our assignments is to ensure businesses achieve strategic benefit and profitable growth together with employee engagement, inclusive frameworks and a culture that enhances their organisation. Our niche offering, which includes consultancy, project management and training embraces diversity and inclusion as a specialism.

To understand how 3In Consulting can help you read our Services section and FAQ sections. You will learn why it makes sense to be an inclusive organisation and that by embracing diversity your organisation will obtain innovation, productivity, and financial benefits whilst improving both employee and customer engagement.

In addition, your organisation can reap the benefit, as other successful organisations, of the supply chain working with preferred partners who value a diverse and inclusive culture. Learn how to capitalise on your workforce from the top, with your leadership team, and across the organisation to the benefit of your organisation. Make a systemic culture change within your company though a business led diversity and inclusion initiative that encourages employees to own and drive the business.

Our Services - please explore!

Assessment and Evaluation Icon

Assessment and Evaluation

This important activity involves a review to assess the status of the organisation on its diversity and inclusion ongoing journey.

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Strategic Planning Icon

Strategic Planning

Review existing strategies or facilitate new diversity strategies. Design & develop initiatives to engage with employees.

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Change Management Icon

Change Management

Delivery and implementation of the programme of initiatives using standard project management techniques and appropriate governance for the organisation.

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Typically, these will be projects where the client requires specialised expertise and skills that are not available in-house or to supplement existing resources.

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Auditing and benchmarking icon

Auditing and benchmarking

Supporting organisations through an assessment of current activities aligned to D&I together with employee investigations, use of employee opinion surveys and other information available.

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Mentoring Coaching and Training Icon

Mentoring, coaching and training

These engagements are requested to fulfil identified demands where an organisation needs support for individuals / groups and are tailored specifically for the client.

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Seminars Icon


A useful place to meet other organisations on the D&I journey and to share best practice.

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Additional Services icon

Additional services

3In Consulting can provide a number of supporting services tailored to suit the client needs including Talent Management, Stakeholder Management, establishing sponsor engagements and affinity/network groups.

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