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Unconscious Bias Workshop

Every day our brains make incredibly quick assessments and judgments of people and situations without us realising. Frequently we are not even aware of these views and opinions or aware of their full impact and implications. We continually make decisions and as a result have unconscious bias. 3In Consulting is holding a workshop on 3rd […]


Our latest seminars and talks

We are running a series of seminars and talks during May and June. Come along to our sessions where you will get some valuable thinking time and take away some golden nuggets that you’ve learnt. You’ll get a chance to meet people from other organisations to share and learn best practice. When you return to […]


Glasgow and Edinburgh Seminars – How do you attract AND retain talent?

Are you able to find the right talent to bring into your organisation? What makes your business a place where people want to stay? Are you able to retain the valuable people? What is talent? Is it the top 3% of highly performing individuals? Is it critical talent across the enterprise? Or is talent everyone […]


Glasgow Seminar – How Your Profits are Destroyed through Conflict

Date of the seminar – March 29th Time : 09:00 – 10:30 Venue – Trongate Room, Clydesdale Bank, 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2EU Do you understand the symptoms and root causes of conflict in your organisation? What’s the impact of disengaged employees on productivity? How does Diversity have a positive effect on the […]


Year of Young People in Scotland

This year, 2018, is the Year of Young People in Scotland. It is important because people leaving school / university need a helping hand. Some leave with qualifications. And sadly some don’t. They need the help of older, experienced, people. Ways to help include finding them jobs, mentoring / coaching, training and more. What is […]


Gender – Equal Job Opportunities and the Pay Gap

Across the globe we hear that there are gender inequalities in the workplace that relate to job opportunities and pay. Frequently there are articles and research published by a variety of organisations and educational bodies that tell us that women do not have the same opportunities as men. We are told that some roles are […]


Welcome to our new website

Hi there, Thanks for joining us! This is the first post on our new website. Stay tuned for lots more interesting content and ideas for your company.


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